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In Globe Labs, one of the products I handle is AMBER, one of the biggest SMS blaster application in the Philippines under Globe Telecom. It is used by GCash/Mynt, Concentrix, Lazada and other companies.

In this project, I have multiple roles as a brand designer, UI/UX lead, interaction designer, and motion video animator.

Logo Branding

Although there was an existing logo, the stakeholder wanted to rebrand it with a modern and stylish design.

Old AMBER logo

Logo process

My process of creating a logo was to first sketch on paper, scan it and then digitally illustrate it from grayscale to colored design. For AMBER, an SMS blaster application, I emphasized the keywords: message, move, blast and conversation as they are the main core feature of the product.

Initially, I came up with my two designs.

Design 1: Inspired by the stack of envelopes forming a wing (1st image)

Design 2: Polygonal abstract shape of M and send icon.

In alignment with the product managers and stakeholders, the second design was chosen. Although they wanted the colors to be more vibrant and have greater contrast, so I made minor edits to the colors.

I also created logo chunk icons (Send, Message, and Move) that can be used as iconography for the product. I executed variations of the logo to ensure it can be used in different formats, such as a badge, stand-alone icon, logotype, and in-motion.

Backstory: While working on the branding for AMBER, I was also working with branding several other product solutions for Globe Labs, including SARA (appointment reminder solution), EMA (voice/SMS messaging solution), VerifyMe (verification solution), Queen (queuing system solution), and IVES (IVR solution).

Linear and illustration icon studies
I called this batch of logo “The Power Ranger App”

Going back to AMBER: The next step for the brand is to compose the supporting elements, including iconography. I created two kinds of icon systems: a solid illustration (new approach) and linear icons (current approach) that aligns with the Globe Labs brand identity.

Solid Illustration Icons

Linear icons

The App

As part of my UI/UX lead role, I also refreshed the look and design of the AMBER web application. Updating the icons and enhancing the user experience for SMS blasting and other features. We added cool features for the users with display statistics and data, providing them with an easy view and monitor of their credit balance.

Below are the website and email newsletters that were received by AMBER subscribers.

We developed demo pages for on-ground events and newsroom to educate and update the audience.

Marketing visuals

I do also work on with marketing materials from digital to print collaterals such as digital ads (GDN), social media content, sales kits, and event banners.

Educational videos

In collaboration with the content team, I produced educational videos such as onboarding tutorials, and how to videos that easily digest by AMBER users. These videos helped the automation of the user conversions.

Testimonial videos

Our team in marketing produced testimonial videos to showcase businesses. It improves the business relationship to our merchants, boost the brand engagement and increase sales conversion.

Creating all of this from ground to up was very challenging to me and I learned a lot from this experience. I would like to express my gratitude to my team in Globe Labs from growth, product and engineering who helps me to accomplished all of these amazing projects. Kudos to all Globe Labs team!

Globe Labs Amber
Globe Labs Amber
Globe Labs Amber
Globe Labs Amber
Globe Labs Amber
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